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Under LA Civil Code Article , the separation requirement must be met after the divorce has been filed while under LA Civil Code Article 1 , the separation requirement must be met before the divorce is filed. In covenant marriages, the following grounds for divorce are available in Louisiana: The other spouse has committed adultery. The other spouse has committed a felony and has been sentenced to death or imprisonment at hard labor. The other spouse has abandoned the matrimonial domicile for a period of one year and constantly refuses to return. The other spouse has physically or sexually abused the spouse seeking the divorce or a child of one of the spouses.

The spouses have been living separate and apart continuously without reconciliation for a period of two years. Either a The spouses have been living separate and apart continuously without reconciliation for a period of one year from the date the judgment of separation from bed and board was signed or b If there is a minor child or children of the marriage, the spouses have been living separate and apart continuously without reconciliation for a period of one year and six months from the date the judgment of separation from bed and board was signed; however, if abuse of a child of the marriage or a child of one of the spouses is the basis for which the judgment of separation from bed and board was obtained, then a judgment of divorce may be obtained if the spouses have been living separate and apart continuously without reconciliation for a period of one year from the date the judgment of separation from bed and board was signed.

What are the Louisiana residency requirements for filing for divorce? In order to file for divorce in Louisiana, the spouse who files for divorce must have been a resident of the state for at least twelve 12 months before filing. When a seminar is required, it must generally be completed before the divorce will be granted. The Court Clerk in your parish will be able to provide specific information about the requirements, if any. What is a Mover's Affidavit?

A Mover's Affidavit is a sworn affidavit that you must sign in front of a Notary Public, which you use to swear to the allegations in the document you have filed. In the case of a fee waiver request, which is called an In Forma Pauperis Affidavit, a Mover's Affidavit is attached to that form. An In Forma Pauperis Affidavit with a Mover's Affidavit attached is available free of charge upon request as part of your DivorceWriter purchase by sending a request to info DivorceWriter. If you've been told you need a Mover's Affidavit attached to a different document, you may be able to use the one attached to the In Forma Pauperis Affidavit as a sample.

Where do I find them? It is not unusual for the clerks and judges in one parish to refer to the same documents using different names than those used by clerks and judges in other parishes.

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However, in some parishes, this document may be referred to as an Affidavit of Fact. Regardless of the name, this Affidavit swears to the truth of the statements made in the Divorce Petition.

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While it probably isn't necessary, you may self-customize your document by downloading it in Microsoft Word and change the title, if desired. Each Louisiana DivorceWriter divorce package contains a Motion for Preliminary Default , which states that Defendant signed an Acceptance of Service , wherein he or she accepted service of the Divorce Petition and waived citation and also lists the date that the Acceptance of Service was signed. Attached to the Motion for Preliminary Default is a Certificate for the Clerk to sign, which indicates that the record was examined by the clerk and that, as of that date, no Answer or other opposition was filed by the Defendant.

Finally, beneath the Certificate that the Clerk signs, there is an Order , which the Judge signs. This Order is sometimes referred to as an Entry of Default. Please refer to Steps 2 and 3 of the DivorceWriter Divorce Filing Procedures included with your package for additional information on these forms. Ready to Begin now?

We already have a child support order issued by a judge. Will we be able to keep the same amount? DivorceWriter provides the option to enter information regarding an existing child support order including the amount of support ordered and other identifying case information. Generally, you will also be expected to provide the Court with a copy of the prior child support order.

What if my spouse and I have agreed to use a child support amount that is different from the standard amount set by the Child Support Guidelines? Reasons for deviating from the guidelines may include, but are not limited to, the following: That the combined adjusted gross income of the parties is not within the amounts shown on the schedule in R.

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Divorce courts charge filing fees, for example, when you file your petition for divorce. In addition, courts charge additional fees for any motions legal requests that you file during your divorce action. Finally, you will have to cover the costs of serving your spouse with divorce paperwork. Court fees vary from parish to parish.

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Check your local court website for more information about fees. In addition to court costs, you will incur legal fees if you hire an attorney. Most divorce attorneys charge clients an hourly rate, which can vary depending on the skills and experience of the professional. A contested divorce can end up costing thousands of dollars in court costs and legal fees if the couple continues to fight and cannot work out a settlement. A no-fault divorce can be granted in Louisiana if the couple has lived separate and apart for at least six months and does not have children from the marriage.

Couples who have children are required to live separate and apart for a continuous period of one year before a court will grant a divorce.

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In fault-based divorces, the spouses must live separately for a continuous period of two years before a final divorce decree will be issued. A court will want to review the agreement, however, to ensure that the division is fair and that property is divided equally between spouses. For example, if one spouse is awarded the family home, the other one must receive property or assets of equal value. Marital property must be split evenly, unless the couple has a valid pre-nuptial or post-nuptial agreement that indicates the couple agreed to a different type of division. Determining how to divide retirement benefits can be a very difficult process.

The values of IRA and k plans are fairly easy figure out because a statement is issued showing how much is in each account. Pension plans, on the other hand, are not paid out until after retirement, and therefore, may be difficult to value today.

This article provides answers to frequently asked questions about the basics in Louisiana divorce.

Many couples must hire an actuary in order to determine the present value of a pension. Depending on the type of plan, you may also need a Qualified Domestic Relations Order QDRO from the court, which enables a plan administrator to divide benefits between spouses either during divorce or at a later date. They typically favor joint custody, unless one parent poses a danger to the kids. For more information about child custody in Louisiana, see Child Custody in Louisiana: The following factors are considered:.

Spousal support may be awarded to one spouse. The amount will be determined based on several factors, including:.

How can I pursue a lawsuit? Does a co owner of a property have to allow repairs to a home if he did not cause the damages? Ellen Cronin Badeaux 's answer He needs to discuss the damages and circumstances with his divorce attorney. More details are needed. Would I have to pay alimony if my wife is living with another man in another state? Ellen Cronin Badeaux 's answer First hire a licensed private investigator in Washington State to document that she is cohabitating. Then hire a divorce attorney here. Ellen Cronin Badeaux 's answer You did not provide enough details to answer the question.

If I get a legal separation from my husband, will I still be responsible for the bills he makes? Douglas Lee Bryan 's answer There's no such thing as a "legal separation" in Louisiana anymore. Assuming you don't have a prenuptual premarital agreement, the two of you still have a community of assets and debt whether you are living together or not, and you are both potentially liable for any debt the other accrues until a petition for divorce is filed. Once a judgment of divorce is signed, the community will terminate retroactive to the date the petition for divorce is filed.

James Zitzmann 's answer There is no law, but it might be in a consent judgment or other judgment regarding child custody. I am still legally married,but I have been separated from my husband for two years so can i get a pro bono divorce ASAP? Ellen Cronin Badeaux 's answer A pro bono lawyer can't handle every thing you need done. So get either your husband or the baby's daddy to help you hire a lawyer to: How do I get a divorce from my spouse who is in jail for a felony charge we have been separated for almost a year 1 Answer Asked in Divorce for Louisiana on Dec 15, Answered on Dec 15, Ellen Cronin Badeaux 's answer You hire an attorney who can file on the basis of the felony conviction.

If my wife leaves the house voluntarily what are my rights I do not want her to come back. Ellen Cronin Badeaux 's answer Change the locks.